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Do you have a great idea for a game but no place to distribute it? Let UCLICK help you turn your game into the next big hit! Check out our publishing and development pages for more information.

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Ready to take the next step and turn your great game idea into a commercial success? Let's talk. We partner with developers in all stages of game development, whether you're looking for funding for your concept, professional help and/or funding to push that game to the finish line, or distribution and marketing services. Our approach is always cross-platform and success is a matter of your game reaching the broadest possible audience. We place products across every major gaming portal, in retail, mobile and console platforms. Visit our Contact page to discuss how we can work together in more detail.

Universal Uclick Developer Services:

Broad Distribution
  • We'll distribute your game across every major game portal in NA
  • We'll pay for localization and distribute your game in major international markets
  • Your game receives prominent placement on and our syndication network of hundreds of websites

  • We'll port your game to mobile and other handheld devices
  • Our in-house mobile group maintains direct relationships with the major NA carriers
  • We have publishing experience on Xbox Live Arcade and Nintendo DS
  • We are working with distributors for game placement on iTV networks and other cutting-edge devices and channels

  • We manage all packaging, production and distribution for getting your game in retail stores

Professional Producers
  • Our experienced producers help guide your concept from the start or just apply the finishing touches
  • We believe creativity is critical in the production of a successful game
  • Each game receives dedicated attention
  • We offer prompt feedback on all document and build submissions

QA Testing
  • We provide quality assurance during all phases of the development cycle, including full QA services for commercial release

Beta Testing
  • We gather extensive feedback from hundreds of hand-picked beta testers and provide that information to each developer
  • We are able to offer focus group testing in certain situations

PR and Marketing
  • Exclusive and non-exclusive launch programs are available
  • Your game receives prominent placement across the UCLICKgames portal and syndication network
  • We create consumer buzz for your game through press releases and media exposure